Friday, April 15, 2011

God in search of man(the toothbrush analogy)

bear with me on this please. lol. teeth. let's talk about teeth. the more sweets and coke and junk food we consume, the worse it is for our teeth. there are consequences to this, cavities. thankfully there is toothpaste we can use to clean them. more importanly, the tool used to get the toothpaste to our teeth. the toothbrush. you see, Jesus is our toothbrush. God, the toothpaste. us, the teeth. sin, the sweets we enjoy. cavites, what our lives look like without God. are you with me on this? we need Jesus! Jesus is relevant to our existence! that is truly God in search of man. when he can make himself evident in the simplest act of a guy brushing his teeth.

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